August 6th, 2012


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For riders of any discipline or experience level, owning their own horse is perhaps the ultimate dream… Read More »

Located between the flexor tendon and the cannon bone, the suspensory ligament supports the lower limb of a horse and is vital to the horse’s soundness and performance. An injury to this ligament can end an …Read More »

Building a Better Trail Horse

Building a Better Trail Horse

Build a Better Trail Horse with These Steps

A common goal for all trail riders is to have a peaceful, pleasant ride. This is not always possible if your horse consistently spooks or bolts from objects…Read More »

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having your horse stop on his front end! If your horse is stopping on his front end (or not stopping at all), he’s not engaging the rear-end. Teaching your horse to collect and engage his rear will provide a better, more comfortable stop…Read More »

Unlike humans that chew their food, horses grind their food; a process called mastication. Because of this grinding motion which is from side to side, horses teeth will become sharp on the outside next to their cheek, and on the inside bottom next to their tongue…Read More »

Equine Behavior

Equine Behavior

When dealing with certain aspects of behaviour that we consider to be difficult or problematic, we need to determine where this behaviour has come from. We know that horses all have the same behavioural patterns, inbuilt from their wild ancestors. There may also be characteristics that horses can display that we perceive to be dysfunctional or expressions of
the horses personality. We can try to identify these by asking the following questions…Read More »

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