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Summer is coming, what do you plan to do?

April 23rd, 2012 No comments

For Memorial Day and Fourth of July, we love go camping with our horses. We join many friends and family and have the best time.

Riding through the woods (the kids on the horses in-between)–it doesn’t get any better than that! As an added bonus, this a great way to get your horse broke, really broke! There is nothing better than wet saddle blankets.

Check out our pictures from a few of our trips from last summer!

What are your summer plans with the horses, kids and dogs?

Camping with the horses, a perfect time to train your horse to be kid friendly!

Riding horse bareback is a wonderful time to destress!

Our K9 friends love camping with the horses and kids too!


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Help Protect North Texas

July 23rd, 2010 No comments

Proposed North Texas Powerlines would cause irreversible damage the the Greenbelt and surrounding environment

Help Protect North Texas Damage from Proposed Powerlines!

Help Protect North Texas Damage from Proposed Powerlines!

Proposed North Texas Powerlines would cause irreversible damage the the Greenbelt and surrounding environment
Oncor is proposing the Krum West – Anna 345kV Transmission Line that has several proposed routes. The southern proposed routes would go south of Lake Ray Roberts and through the Greenbelt and through backyards. The southern routes would do irreversible damage to the Greenbelt and surrounding environment, property values, wildlife habitat, possible pollution of the drinking water, and damage our way of life.

GOAL: Prevent the Transmission Line from going through the southern routes. We want the lines to go NORTH of Lake Ray Roberts. Which would save any damage to the Greenbelt and preserve the homes and land (including our horse trails) of many people south of the lake.
Our best chance of protecting our greenbelt and land is to join together. Make your opinion count!


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