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Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp – Ouachita National Forest

The campground is the most popular starting point for the Winding Stair Mountain Equestrian Trails, a 70-plus mile system of marked equestrian trails. These trails are a network of loops that wind over hills and mountains and through a varietyof vegetation from tall majestic pines and stately hardwoods to rich river bottoms. The loops offer
a rider the opportunity to decide the length of rideand type of experience desired.

Nearby, visitors may enjoy additional facilities at
Cedar Lake Recreation Area, including campsites,
picnic sites, swimming beaches and fishing piers on
the scenic 86-acre lake.

Location: Approximately 12 miles south of Heavener

Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail – Ozark-St. Francis National Forests

The Huckleberry Mountain Horse Trail consists of two main loops which offer 34.3 miles of the most scenic horseback riding, hiking, ATV, and mountain biking opportunities in the Ozark National Forest. Deep winding valleys framed by rugged mountain bluffs give way to clear mountain streams.

The 22.4-mile Huckleberry Mountain Loop contains a 9.5-mile loop for those seeking a shorter trail. The Apple Loop provides an 11.9-mile loop. Each trail crosses several gravel roads, allowing you to plan trips from one-half mile to 34.3 miles. Portions of the trail are located along old logging roads and open forest roads.

The trail system meanders through numerous creeks and along several ponds, which provide sources for watering horses. Pond locations not adjacent to the trail are designated by signs and blue arrows on markers.

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